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  /   1223   /   30 August 2014, Saturday



  • The ABC of Human Brain Chemistry 
  • Introduction to the The Nature of Conditinoning ,
  • How to challenge Assumptions
  • Guiding the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow
  • Inspirational Leaders
  • The Phases &Process of Analytic/Strategic Thought
  • Leaders and Visionaries
  • Social Psychology Group Dynmamics 
  • Emotional Self Awareness
  • The Perspective and Attitudes  of the Leader
  • Sense of Humour
  • Commitment of Leader
  • Self-Confidence of Leader
  • Charisma
  • SWOT Analyze
  • Asking Right Questions
  • Managing Change & Uncertainty
  • How the Leaders challnge themselves
  • How to maintain the team morale.
  • The Agenda of Fair Leader
  • The Profile of Leader   
  • The Self Discipline of  the Leader
  • How the Leaders Influence others
  • Leadership Skills
  • Delegation Skill of  the Leader
  • Effective Communication Skills of  the Leader
  • Self-Motivated Leaders
  • What do others trust your leadership
  • The Habbits of Innovative Leaders
  • How to make a  difference via the Awareness of Leader  
  • How to gather individuals /teams around a common mission or vision 
  • Tips for utilizing the strengths and talents of the Group 
  • How the Team is built by the Leader
  • Result oriented Leaders
  • Creative and Persistent Leader
  • The techniques to inspire and empower others.
  • Leaders that create Values.
  • Crise  & Change Management of Leader  
  • Leaders Tactics to Mobilize the Followers and Groups
  • The art of avoiding excuses and learned  impossibilities
  • How to multiplicate the Group Perfomance vs Individual Performance
  • The Paradigm Shift of the Leader
  • The Power of taking initiatiive and responsibility
  • Etkin Liderin Diksiyon ve Hitabetinin önemi ve teknikleri
  • Active Commuication and the Body Language of the Leader
  • Self –Confidence Exercises
  • The Value of Honesty
  • Leading for Social change
  • Lead from behind, Put others in Front
  • The Tecniques to prevent NO answer ,
  • Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
  • Dynamic Problem Solving Techniques and Impact on Leadership
  • The Negotiation Tactics of Leaders
  • The Risk Managment of Leader
  • The Impact of Effective Leader on Corporate Culture
  • Public Speaking Skills of the Leader
  • Workshops 

CIGDEM YORGANCIOGLU    Cigdem Yorgancioglu Few Training&Consultancy References:Eğitim Konferans Seminer Referanslarından bir kaç

United Nations,(Social Responsibility Peace proects) Defense MinistryTurkey- Aselsan, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, İstanbul Ticaret Odası QatarEmbassy,(Qatar)Atlas Copco, Siemens , BP Turkish Airlines, MNGKargo, Tofaş KoçHolding, SabancıHolding, Aselsan Enka Marshall Akza Nobel CocaCola, Bosphorus University, Halic University Bahcesehir University UniversumUniversty/College(Kosovo) .Pekin University(China)