CIGDEM YORGANCIOGLU Vendor Selection,Procurement and Risk-Free Contract Management


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  Being a strategic planner with expertise and competence  in implementing cost saving measures to achieve reduction in terms of raw material, procurement costs, and logistics cost,  in-depth understanding of some of the key activities in Contract Management, Conducing close-loop contract risk management ,ensuring earlier identification of contract commercial risks & effective implementation of solutions against risks so as to reduce loss due to risks; evaluate measures validity and establish risk management database to promote lessons learned sharing;s not a dream . This Training course cover topics from core competencies to advanced Procurement and Contarct Management skills and can be tailored ,customized to meet your specific needs and can be conveniently delivered on your own premises as well.  (the Example in Module is tailored for IT-TELCO sector)

Identify Requirements, • Set Scope of Work and Specs, • Planning the Evaluation Process, • Sourcing and Supplier Appraisal, • Tender Documents, • Evaluation of Bidders, • Invitation to Tender, • Evaluation of Tenders, • Preliminary Examination of Bids, • Tender Briefing, • Receive and Open Bids, • Bid Submittals, • Detailed Examination of Bids, • Technical Analysis, • Commercial Analysis, • Bid Evaluation Techniques, BET, • BET Criteria, Weighting and Scoring Protocol, • Evaluation Procedures, • Evaluation Report, • Contract Award, • Post Award Conference, • Debriefing Unsuccessful Bidders: Reasons and Modes, • Documentations, • Contract Negotiation, • Objectives and Definitions of Contract, • Defining Contract, • Elements of a Contract, • Difficulties Encountered in Contract Administration, • Contract Framework, • Contract Administration Major Steps, • Competencies of Contract Administrators, • Planning Negotiation, • Trading Concessions, • Communication, • Negotiation Preparation, • Negotiation Guidelines, • Breach of Contract, • Types of Damages, • Dissection of Contract, • Checklists-Calendars-Documents, • Roles and Responsibilities of Parties, • Contract Pricing Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Unit Price and Bill of Quantities, • Payment Terms, • Retention and Bonds, • Developing Schedule and Cost Plans, • Developing Milestones Charts, • ARD Negotiation, • ADR Mediation, • ADR Conciliation, • Arbitration, • ADR Alternative Dispute Resolutions, • Developing Schedule and Cost Plans, • Developing Milestones Charts, • Contract Termination for Default, • Contract Termination for Convenience, •Approaches understanding of the Value of Negotaion in International Business, Psychological insight in the study of international crisis& war prevention, •Approaches and understanding of the Value of Negotaion in Diplomacy, •The Power of Persuasion in Effective Negotiation, Sucess Stories of Negotiation,•The art of conflict management, •Creative ,entrepreneuriall collaborative approaches to negotiating, Manage negotiations using communication skills, Develop effective negotiations strategy, •The Highlights of Power of Negotiation in Procurement  and Contract Management, Competitive Negotiation, •The Value of Exceptional negotiators, •The sucess of visionaire perspective of a negotiator, •The Cost of compromise with the concessions, Theoretical and Practical Perspectives of Negotiation, •The value of human psychology in the process of negotiation & mediation, The Impact of negotiaon on Business Continuity, •The Game Theory ; •Tactics in Negotiation, The Roadmap of Sucessfull Negotiator, Cognition and emotion in the context of negotiation., •The Perception of Balance in Negotiation,

Gaining  sophisticated skills in;

Formulating sourcing strategies,
Vendor identification
The basics of Supply chain management
RFP Request For Proposal
How to prepare Bid -Tender  documents
How to evaluate proposals
Supplier Vendor Selection
Reviewing the contract management cycle
Innovative and Eficent Contract Management
The Basic Terms of The Contract
Contract Management Guidelines
Drafting of the Contract
Contract Negotiation Techniques
Peer to Peer Relationship of the Parties
Obligations ,Penalties ,Termination
Performance monitoring of suppliers
Consistency of the Contract
Key Performance Indicators
Change Requests CR
Securing senior level support in SLA
How to Assemble Project team for the Contract
How to Build Business Model in Contracts
What are the legal consequences of your contract
Risk Assesment and Risk Mitigation of the Contract
Dispute Resolutions
Developing cost effective strategies,
How to improve quality of procurement.
The Wizard of Contract Management
Contract Management in Telco and IT industry
GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) industry
IT Telco Contracts Drafting, Evaluation,
IT Telco Contracts Negotiation Execution.
Coordinating the activities with legal teams
Coordinating the activities with 3rd parties
Roaming Agreements
Non Disclosure Agreements,
Purchasing Agreements,
Consulting Agreements,
Licensing Agreements
Master Purchase Agreements.
Escrow Agreements and Source Code
Service Level Agreements
The Basics of Software & Hardware Contracts
How to ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal.
Prelminary and Final Acceptance