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Vive la france!' Is that the massive, coordinated motto of colonial masters,allies, project designers and intelligence acting against Muslims and immigrants in Europa? Condemning terrorism galvanising people together against violence. Surely we need to condemn such humanitarian catastrophe ,violence tyranny, terorism either of “P of Palestine or Paris”.


A sharpened pencil sharpen my pencil “Charlie Hebdo” 01 

Paris to Palestine – 

Shooting of editors and cartoonists created 1/8 in Europa referring to 9/11. What is missing in horrible attack literature? What is the dimension of hostage-taking at a kosher grocery shop northeast of Paris ?

Shall we insist on staying blind to the  agenda behind these attacks? Shall we continue to sleep with the lullabies of media in chorus?

Can we see the campaign ensuing the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo mentioning “the freedom of expression” actually (just the opposite)  triggering new wave of “media censorship”.

In God we Trust, The Slaughters acting  in the name of Islam or How about the “P of  Projects of leading colonial masters , psychoanalysis, politics, and popular culture “behind the attack ? Think-tank, seems must for the pioneer commentators, competing narrations . Who shall recalibrate short- sighted vision exhibiting the same symptoms  and  keep their pro-western   wisdom to themselves?

#JeSuisCharlie hashtag  that used across the world to show solidarity with "Charlie Hebdo" shooting victims,teror  or solidarity with wthe Projects 

Whats the soap opera of competition between fully-trained members of Islamic State , Wahhabi inspired extremism  and  franchise of Al Qaeda? 

Obviously its culpably naive  to perceive  Paris massacre, with  various  ill-conceived claims  marinated with Eurocentric racist conceptualization  and temporal concerns translate into  New World Order design like ,9/11, , manifestation of religions ,anti-semiticism spread of Islamic fanaticism  and Islam . Surely The intelligence circles behind the operation needs to be taken into account in order to understand France’s satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, fundamentalists attacks are not new on France.

 "Vive la france!'  Is that  the massive, coordinated motto of colonial masters,allies, project designers and intelligence acting against Muslims and immigrants in Europa? 

Condemning terrorism galvanising people together against violence. Surely we need to condemn such humanitarian catastrophe ,violence tyranny, terorism either of “P of Palestine or Paris”.  

What the freedom of expression is that ?     “Je suis Charlie” Is that the art of victimizing the real/non real victims  or  is that the new methodology to rationalize the assaut to  the sacred religious profiles of different religions , mostly related Islam ? 

Whats the meaning of  such message of a drawing that was posted by a colleague of the deceased cartoonists: “Si Dieu existe il ne tue pas pourun dessin (if God exists he does not kill for a drawing).

Who committed the terror attack  al-Qaeda-Yemen? .Emulators of Al Qaeda ? Serial killers?  What an Armageddon is that , apocalyptic suspects roaring in Europa and in the World . Zigzags of dystopia,new global phenomenon that  makes West  anchored  to Islam .

The ideology of barbarous Anglo-American allies and their  entourage start applauding  voice of the voiceless. The World now creating a new hero  with the quotes of  the editor of Charlie Hebdo after  being killed  in the attack, is now famous for saying: “Je préfère mourir debout que vivre à genoux.” (“I prefer to die standing than to live on my  knees.”)

Questions are many No matter what are  the conspiracies linked to multifaceted issue, Holistic vision to Charlie Hebdo is inevitable. 

Profound look  into problems, , Root-Cause analyse might be a gift for further visualization and  understanding the  Omni-potence and Co-work of “intelligences”, “media” and “Imperial Powers” in this deadly operation. Not only MOSSAD , CIA but inclusion of different diameters with different dimensions Big Brother, NATO and Israel. 

Reading the news and commentators, columnists on Haretz ,Times of Israel  where the reports focus on Netanyahu condemning messages as if he has not  been actively subsidizing  Islamic State (ISIS) , Al Nusrah terrorists at the  occupied Golan heights.

We wonder if French Republic , Francois Hollande is providing back up and subsidy to  Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists or not .  

I would contextualize paradigm via  with the following questions in this ; 

Why the attacks are linked to  Bashar al-Assad? 

What are the Recent developments regarding Palestine, may trigger the operation?

How Israel linked the attack(s) with Palestine? 


“A group of core al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West,” Andrew Parker said in a rare Thursday press conference at MI5 headquarters in the British capital, London.

Syria Will be subject of separate consecutive analyze pertaining the verdict of 


One day prior to attack


Jan 7, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. Rand Paul today introduced S.34, the Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015. This legislation will call for the immediate halt of U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority until it withdraws its request to join the International Criminal Court (ICC). Under the current U.S. law, America is prohibited from assisting the Palestinian Authority if it seeks ICC claims against Israel. Thus far, the Obama administration has not committed to taking any actions and appears disinclined to cut off aid. The bill text can be found below.

"It is up to the new Republican-led Congress to move on its own so that the President does not once again circumvent clear funding restrictions. We are currently sending roughly $400 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority," Sen. Paul said. "Certainly groups that threaten Israel cannot be allies of the U.S. I will continue to do everything in my power to make sure this President and this Congress stop treating Israel's enemies as American allies."




One day After attack 09.Jan 2015

The attacks against European synagogues in the 1980s which were carried out by Palestinian organizations and the Istanbul synagogue bombings in 2003 by Al-Qaida are different from what is happening now in Paris.




Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the state of Palestine will join theInternational Criminal Court on April 1, a high-stakes move that will enable the Palestinians to pursue war-crimes charges against Israel.

The Palestinians submitted the documents ratifying the Rome Statute that established the court last Friday, the last formal step to becoming a member of the world's permanent war crimes tribunal.

In a statement posted on the UN's treaty website Tuesday night, the secretary-general said "the statute will enter into force for the State of Palestine on April 1, 2015." He said he was acting as the "depositary" for the documents of ratification.

The Palestinian move has drawn threats of retaliation from Israel and is strongly opposed by the U.S. as an obstacle to reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Back to December 2014 ; 

The Palestinian leadership urged France to act on the parliamentary vote."We call on the French government to translate its parliament's vote into action," 

“We wish to express our gratitude to the members of the French parliament for adopting a resolution on the side of justice and human dignity”- Hanan Ashrawi, senior leader in the Palestine Liberation Organisation. That was relevant with  Voting  France's for recognizing  the state of Palestine in view of reaching a definitive settlement to the conflict, while approved with 339 votes to 151


At the end of 2014,  

 Israel's Foreign Ministry summoned France's ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave for clarifications over his country's vote in favor of the Palestinian resolution at the UN Security Council

 Why the attacks related by Haretz , in this conotation ? Whats is the motivation to relate the difference with Palestine? Istanbul ?

Disassembling  the  information/disinformations  we attained via media needs to be assessed via reverse engineering is inevitable in such multi-dimensional  criminal actions. Repeating the same question being asked above ,Shall we continue to sleep with the lullabies of media in chorus?

To  be continued

Cigdem Yorgancioglu


To prohibit assistance to the Palestinian Authority until it withdraws its request to join the International Criminal Court.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.

This Act may be cited as the ''Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015''.

Congress makes the following findings:

(1) On December 31, 2014, Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, signed several international conventions in an attempt to join the International Criminal Court.

(2) The Palestinian Authority has indicated that it will seek to use the International Criminal Court as a means to pursue charges against Israel.

(3) The Palestinian Authority remains engaged in a unity government with Hamas, a terrorist organization responsible for countless deaths and whose charter declares that ''there is no solution to the Palestinian question except by Jihad''.

 (4) The United States provides more than $400,000,000 in assistance to the Palestinian Authority each year.

 (5) Section 7041(i)(2) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2015 (division J of Public Law 133-235) includes limitations on assistance to the Palestinian Authority if it seeks to join the International Criminal Court.

 (6) The United States Government must make immediately clear to the Palestinian Authority that its attempts to join the International Criminal Court will carry serious consequences.

DAV15028 S.L.C. 3

.                 1  SEC. 3. PROHIBITION ON FUNDING.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no amounts may be obligated or expended to provide any assistance, loan guarantee, or debt relief to the Palestinian Authority, or any affiliated governing entity, until the Palestinian Authority withdraws its request to join the International Criminal Court.,7340,L-4598862,00.html