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Note to the Reader :The article written with such assumptions with prolonging faithfull relationships and love.Not barhopping or speeddates. Lack of self confidence, mental disorders, ethnic and social status difeferences, mobbying and cheating factors are not involved into the perspective.



Love is multi-coloured rainbow,spectrum of light .Neither black nor white 
What is melting temperature of couples during the romance or a fight
Love is labor , Love is responsibility Love is al day Love is all night 
Be descent, affectionate, mature with childish joy ,straight,and always right



What makes the heart singing birds in backyard . Start like a kind of romance we see portrayed in Fairy Tales. " live happily ever after," In the begining both availibility and unavailibility of the partners fuels the passionate romantic expression of the feelings. The viscosity of flow of emotions are amazing Stars , Coasts,Sky,Flowers Nature full of inspirations and creativity ..Great emotional bunch of poppies in the field fenced with the euphoria


Then how volcanoes are erupted in diverging or converging tectonic plates on he Earth of Love in Magical Universe cherished your joyfull hearts?. How the repetitive problems gradually appears on an almost daily basis with excessively emotional bursts after considerable debate which pales the kinetic energy of Love. The continious turbulence creates fatique rather than positive transition. Creates suppressed dissatisfaction in time. Irregularity, discontinuity prevails after soft velvet talks to avoid debate and left couples remain with their own innermost thoughts. No matters how you fall in love , the fail in respect to boundaries , fail in love So,who are those "Drama Queens & Kings" that acts as, though things are much worse than they really are.? What makes relationship of 2 good affectionate ,fair,descent person, incrementally complicated is the fact that there is usually a contrast & conflicts of different patterns of couple, diverse traditions,values,well as increase of unrealistic expectations from each other. Intolerance to past appears in meanwhile .the problems may arise during arguments /debates .The solutions reached quicker in begining may they take much longer to resolve in time. This requires redefinition of fundamental of prerequisites for the parties to keep the aliance ,Takings responsibility in every stages with full understanding & wisdom is the first aid to cure the situations that sweeps the volcanic ashes that veils to see the effects and causes of bottleneck in a proper way.


One of mistake parties committed when they feel disappointed or feel upset, start to blame their partner which never heals the situation .End up with profound injuries in feelings. The Broken Weeping Heart ache is like Traumatic Cardiac/cardiovascular Injury.Then How to make that "Love" reach the emergency department ? The Mainteance surely takes long time to reclaim the sense of worth. Hence the realistic assesment and stabilization of trauma with full sensitivity is must in this situation

The raindrops on rainbow illuminated by the Sun are the viewpoints.If parties can not determine the axial symmetry , after rotating around the axis the divergent viewpoint can be either a pinpoint or fullstop. Rather than correlating the issue as depending too much on each other,the active monitoring of must to detect if there is an absence of trust that prevents parties to proceed on partners mutual path or not.

Then comes another question "How to form and manage the growing momentum for fundamental change for the parties. The range of numerous factors underlie such paradigm shifts. "Demanding love" versus "sharing love" Obviously fall into the trap, that makes one of partner taken for granted by the other one . lack of recognition, ignorance are true enemies of Love .The sensitivity of selection of words and attitude toward each other are unique crystal snowflakes in sky or sphere in rainbow which we call raindrops .


Any successful implementation depends on the intent, consensus of partners to maintain the relationship and clarity of objectives . Meanwhile there is one thing couple should avoid A change in one of the partner's attitude may or may not be warning sign Maybe just because its a matter of "taken for granted" attitude or lose of interest.This based on the assumption nothing more to be discovered . No more mystery. In order to avoid illusions and obsessions, situation should be observed properly. Thats critical point to a what extent we keep the pulse rather than focusing on external variables . Rejections of inner feelings of other party, the defensive or aggresive actions to cope with the current state of emotional upheavals are surely traps that may ruin the relationship in such inconveniences. After a while may also lead parties to follow their own avenues rather than proeeding on the path they walk together unless the necesary constructive precautions are taken.

At the first level, Love is not only a romantic relationship based on sharing of affectionate and passionate pleasures but also a multi-disciplinary, collaborative activity that, tackle weaknesses to make you progress on the path you follow,. Its sincerity, commitments. Its massive amount of adjustments but not judgements. Asymptomatic, approaches may be unavoidable in this stage. It must be balanced and visibly reflecting perfect judgment with full respect .Which is also a true passion


So do not fail or fall  in Love , Fly sound with love with full respect,understanding,wisdom and responsibility


H.Cigdem Yorgancioglu