The Art of Persuasion, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Negotiatio

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  /   87   /   25 September 2021, Saturday



The Art of Persuasion, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Negotiation

SYNOPSIS : To enhance negotiating capability   Interpersonal Communication via grasping the approaches and understanding of the Value of Negotiation in Corporate basis, International Business, Psychological insight in the study of international crisis& war prevention is quite substantial. . This Training course cover topics from core competencies to approaches and understanding of the Value of Negotiation in Business & Diplomacy by touching The Power of Persuasion in Effective Negotiation,  Success Stories of Negotiation and pointing out the Win Strategies Negotiating from a less powerful position, by addressing the evaluation techniques to  exercise your BATNA faced with a powerful opponent/a compelling opponent's case., The art of conflict management, and providing vision to creative ,entrepreneurial collaborative approaches to negotiating, Manage negotiations using communication skills, Develop effective negotiations strategy,

DURATION  :   1 Day

WHO SHOULD ATTEND : Those working in large/small organizations, government/ private sector, entrepreneurs in any business. Academicians. anyone involved in negotiation processes in their business/profession. All executive positions, including but not limited to : Diplomats, Advocates ,engineering, law, business, paralegal professionals. Top/ middle managers, staffs in any sector, contract administrators, subcontractors, procurement managers, project managers, account executives, contract negotiators, sales professionals, sales managers, quality assurance personnel, and others aiming to enhance &  advance their career


CONTENTS •  What prejudices do we  have about each  other? •The Nature of Conditioning•   The Power of First Impression  how to deal with Prejudices•   How to convince chief of Tribe, diplomat, Ambassador*   ABC of Human Brain Chemistry; MindMapping•AnalyticThinking•   Preparation stage of Negotiations, The Awareness of Balance of Powers• The Fair Proposal Perception on other Party•    The Power of Self-discipline  S.Confidence in Negotiation ;Conflict•   Managing  the Phases of the Persuasion•    Ranking of Concessions •    The Power/Weakness of Feedbacks•  Effective/ efficient management of Concessions•    Conflict Types•Anger Management , Techniques to deal with Aggressive •    Avoidance of Conflict,Stress Management•    Communication Outlines•   Prerequisites & Priorities of Parties•    How to rank Priorities Along With Alternatives•    Assessment of  Potential Liabilities and Risks•    Mistakes to Avoid in Communication;Negotiation•Creative Negotiation• Avoid Redundancies•

VerbalNonVerbalCommunication•  Risk Management ; Game Theory•   The Power of Contingency in Conflict Resolutions-Facilitating Strategies of Negotiation• The collaboration between individuals/teams• How to make difference via Paradigm Shifts• Effective Listening  • Articulation•    Impacts of Effective Body Language  on Persuasion•    Taking Initiative ;Responsibility•  How to Deal prevent  opposite reply “ NO”•Improvisation Techniques based on Knowledge Intellect•GroupDynamics•SWOTAnalyze•Procastination versus Power of Now• Dynamic Problem Solving techniques• How to Create value in your negotiations• How to adjust negotiation style for different situations•    How to avoid being cheated  with tactics•  Who will Make the 1stOffer•  Don’t Negotiate with Yourself• Silence; Walk away Tactics•    The Power  of Humor•