Cigdem YorganciogLU Chronicles of LU Suites ExcLUsive 2019

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  /   931   /   18 September 2019, Wednesday

Cigdem YorganciogLU Chronicles of LU Suites ExcLUsive 2019


LU and LUNAR vibrations


There was no infLUencer hanging around the venue

, other than myself and poetic Bodrum

I felt like Sleeping Beauty, who sLUmbered in her LU -C1 room

Catching the reflection of the moon on bLUe water ,was eLUsive

But strongly  possible

In a transLUcent, fLUent  dream .İt  was  concLUsive.

The rectangular marble coffee  table was massive

while sipping saLUte cocktail called " LU*monata

fresh chilled drink on arrival . delicious and excLUsive !

offering such serenity , LU was both  vivid and  secLUsive

Knowing the imaginary targets were,  ilLUsive.

Globetrotter was ready for the backbone of  her concLUsive screenwriting.

But She was not obsessive.

Cause She was excited for the .pollination of new visions,inspiration  and  ideas .

enthusiastic for the vibrations of the Bodrum  wind and the waves


 The fullmoon bLUr the lines between the light and darkness

So, it was  harder to  differentiate them. İt was impressive .


H.Cigdem YorganciogLU

Chronicles of LU Suites ExcLUsive 2019


Color Palette:of the artist

Was watching the facade of the buildings,

behind the The NautiLUs shell,.

The paysage of the balcony decorated with begonviles

Conspires up the images of the color temperature

And the The moon was completely dark


While watching the LUnar phases

The eucalyptus tree  under fullmoon was a good remark .

Good remark of poetic nature .

I know a vaLUable resort with a  LUminescent, feauture

A new gateway to glare, on a bright vaLUed  future .

glowing beauty of LU was shining in the nature ,

on the LUminous waters of Halicarnassus

and whispering to  the 'ilLUminated one

That was a brilliant excursion and adventure .

Then a question pops up before the departure

In the middle of the town of Orta-kent ,

what  about the enlightened intellectuals remained in Darkness ?


Cigdem YorganciogLU

Chronicles of LU Suites ExcLUsive 2019

Turkey offers a treasure of numerous kinds of destinations to travelers and voyagers Bodrum as  a peninsula, historically known as “Halicarnassus”,  is popular with historical sites, and seaside resorts ,which are two of the most prominent tourist attractions in Turkey . Observably, Bodrum as an entertainment and peace  peninsula, So it is one of the top destinatio to travel in Turkey in terms of  coastal hotspots, ornamental historic towns,modest, pacific and quiet , 


Ortakent is one of the top tourist  attractions in Bodrum. The Globetrotter Cigdem was in Turkey’s cultural capital  namely Istanbul.  And  one more time  She took her giant steps forward to flew over  the Mausoleum of MausoLUs, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.It was a place where she first experienced scuba-diving 30 years ago and first solo art exhibition held and organized by The Chamber of Commerce Bodrum. Over the years she bundled lots of memories.  . In the second part of her travel  She was In the land of Ortakent Yahsi    In the middle of September  and coincide with full moon .LUnar phases are always a good remark  of inspiration. This time the trip was focused on four different areas. Inspiration for screenwriting , milonga(tango dance organizations in Bodrum), horse riding and swimming. All were succesfully achieved  during her stay in LU.



The resort complex was remarkable and was  quiet and tranquil. The panaromic view was spectacular.  Pastoral begonvilles . garden and swimming pool  was astonishing. . The façade of the resort buildings  embrodied with begonvilles was  so romantic.


Actually sounds like one of the excLUsive peculiar resort to stay in Bodrum. İt was merging comfort, with  functionality in a briliant LUmnious ambience.İt is located  2-minutes  walk away.from the beach … one of the most noticeable bay of Bodrum , the Aegean Sea.

The resort led by a motivated, attentive,,devoted welcoming , courteous, and energetic professional team. They all rendered a good  hospitality and they did their best to provide excellent  service and  excLUsive comforts


After  enjoying sandy beaches of Ortakent  you can end up with another new breathtaking bLUe voyage in crystal clear  unpolLUted waters of the swimming pool of LU and rest in romantic sun terrace.  Even your pet animal may waits you under coffe table without passing the restricted area for mini friends. So ,LU is pet friendly resort.  Very convenient place for families. .That charming  resort is called  is LU Suites ExcLUsive Bodrum with really excLUsive, uniquely designed and decorated  nice rooms. Contemporary furnitures in between.


There is nothing specal about mentioning 24-hour front desk reception is available but LU-MONATA welcome drink is very unique and speial. .


LU is a fascinating, calm,romantic  place of peace with cultural norms and guest policies  based on vaLUes. It is and  elegant, clean resort and it is located  in  a short walk from restaurants, beach and markets .(less than 2 minutes) .I personally experienced no interruptions,, no pokes, no delays, and any inconvenient  challenges;


The words may or may not  express the gratitude I feel for this amazing hospitality. From the bottom of my  heart One more time,  thanks to beloved team of LU  created such   positive emotional experiences  and rendering delicate , wonderfull service during my stay in LU.


Cigdem YorganciogLU

Chronicles of LU Suites ExcLUsive 2019