Cigdem Yorgancioglu PARADIGM MODULES


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• Paradigm Lifetime transition& aclimatization & adaptation” 
• Paradigm Unconditioning ” 
• Paradigm Emotional Quotient EQ ” 
• Paradigm Negotiation & Convincing Methodlogies ” 
• Paradigm Effective Leadership ” 
• Paradigm Corporate& Personal Development” 
• Paradigm Effective Communication Techniques” 
• Paradigm Effective Stress Management” 
• Paradigm “Personal Motivation ” 
• Paradigm Corporateship ” 
• Paradigm How to Manage Difficult Clients in Business & People in Life” 
• Paradigm Corporateship ”
• Paradigm Risk Management ” 
• Paradigm Problem forecasting -Solving &Decision Making Techniques ” 

General Level of Scope of the Introduction Modules 
ABC of Human Brain 
ABC of Social Psycology 
How to develop Strong analytical skills 
How to develop planning ,Time & Self Management 
How to develop Strong analytical skills 
How to gain ability to deliver creative solutions in a diverse environment
How top develop High level of interpersonal and communication skills
How to develop diplomatic and negotiation skills
The ability to work on their own initiative
Gaining ability to work independently
Developing ability to create difference with outstanding organisational skills
How to develop ability to work under pressure without stres
Tact and the ability to deal with difficult situations
How to build strong leadership and team-building abilities
Comprehensive understanding of Creative Thinking 
•Discipline and Grievance Management
How to be a highly organised individual, with a talent for planning ahead
How to develop Pro-active, multi-tasking attitude
Ability for problem solving, prevention and mediation
How to be "a decisive character"
Gaining ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
Gaining ability to report concisely and objectively

Targeted Sectors 
Human Resouces IT-Telecom Energy –FCMS -Consulting Legal Accounting Internet Technology Media & Social Media Manufacturing Services Construction Healthcare Public/Not for profit Retail CRM Sales Procurement 

Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of contract and purchasing management with internationally recognized expert in cutting-edge business process improvement & Contract generic risks detection & mitigation methodologies during the life-cycle of Procurement phases.

• Business English 
• Conversation Club 
• Effective While Listening & Note Taking Techniques 
• Application of Paradigm on English